Adat Hatikvat Tzion Messianic Congregation
Meeting at:
14808 Q Street, Omaha NE
Phone: (402) 592-2404


Apologies, our list of teachings is currently being worked on. All teachings are now available at no cost. Full services (teachings included) with video since May 2014 are available to be watched online for free.

Our services between May 2014 and September 2015 are archived at Southwest Church of the Nazarene's Livestream channel. And services - including high holy days - since September 2015 are all found on our YouTube channel.

The Impact of CovenantDenny Brechbill 11/4/200622:5442.8 MB
ChanukahRav Nate Seitelbach12/9/200633:1030.3 MB
The Challenge of ChristmasRav Nate Seitelbach12/23/200628:0325.6 MB
The Faithfulness of GodDenny Brechbill 1/5/200736:2033.2 MB
ShemotRav Nate Seitelbach1/13/200735:5332.8 MB
Bad Things Good PeopleRav Nate Seitelbach1/20/200725:1823.1 MB
One Two ThreeRav Nate Seitelbach2/3/200732:5730.1 MB
OutreachRav Nate Seitelbach2/10/200737:3034.3 MB
OlahRav Nate Seitelbach2/17/200713:5712.7 MB
Tabernacle TwosomesJames Straight 2/24/200732:3929.8 MB
A Living TabernacleRav Nate Seitelbach3/17/200720:2118.6 MB
A Passover PlotRav Nate Seitelbach3/24/200733:1530.4 MB
The Generosity Of GodDenny Brechbill 4/7/200733:2330.5 MB
Yom HaShoahCantor Roger Nichols 4/14/200727:3625.2 MB
Marriage Trilogy: Ezer Kenegdo 27:56 Rav Nate Seitelbach5/5/200727:5668.9 MB
Marriage Trilogy: Men In Homes 30:47 Rav Nate Seitelbach5/5/200730:4768.9 MB
Marriage Trilogy: Biblical Marriage 19:46Rav Nate Seitelbach5/5/200719:4668.9 MB
TestingRav Nate Seitelbach6/2/200729:0426.6 MB
Rebellion of KorachRav Nate Seitelbach6/16/200716:1314.9 MB
Crossing the Red SeaRav Nate Seitelbach6/23/200734:5932.0 MB
Standing in the GapDenny Brechbill 7/7/200745:2641.5 MB
Possess the LandRav Nate Seitelbach7/14/200725:5723.7 MB
Tisha B'AvRav Nate Seitelbach7/21/200721:2919.6 MB
WisdomRav Nate Seitelbach8/4/200727:4525.4 MB
MikvehRav Nate Seitelbach8/11/200737:0533.9 MB
ElulRav Nate Seitelbach8/18/200722:4020.7 MB
Blessings and CursesRav Nate Seitelbach9/1/200734:4431.7 MB
Choose LifeRav Nate Seitelbach9/8/200723:5721.9 MB
Jew and GentileRav Nate Seitelbach9/15/200737:0433.9 MB
Yom KippurRav Nate Seitelbach9/22/200725:1423.0 MB
The Feast of BoothsRav Nate Seitelbach9/27/200727:3725.2 MB
Return to FoundationRav Nate Seitelbach10/6/200725:5723.7 MB
Blood or BeliefRav Nate Seitelbach10/13/200725:1923.1 MB
Sermon on the MountMichael Ginn 11/3/200751:4847.3 MB
The Door into Covenant Part 1Denny Brechbill 11/10/200738:2235.0 MB
Go ForthRav Nate Seitelbach11/17/200720:1518.5 MB
Last Days MaccabeesRav Nate Seitelbach12/8/200728:5626.4 MB
I Am YosefRav Nate Seitelbach12/15/200724:3122.4 MB
ChrismukkahRav Nate Seitelbach12/22/200738:0934.9 MB
The Door into Covenant Part 2Denny Brechbill 1/5/200851:2947.0 MB
The Good LifeRav Nate Seitelbach1/12/200833:2330.5 MB
TreesRav Nate Seitelbach1/19/200822:3620.6 MB
Intercessory PrayerRav Nate Seitelbach2/2/200847:1643.2 MB
Extreme Makeover - Church EditionRav Nate Seitelbach2/9/200847:1633.9 MB
Qahal Echad - One CongregationJohn Marquez 2/16/200850:3846.3 MB
Be TransformedRav Nate Seitelbach3/1/200840:0136.6 MB
Kids, A No-NoRav Nate Seitelbach3/8/200836:3833.5 MB
How Observant Do We BeRav Nate Seitelbach4/5/200835:1632.2 MB
Get the Leaven OutRav Nate Seitelbach4/12/200835:2232.3 MB
As in the Days of NoahRav Nate Seitelbach4/19/200832:5130.0 MB
Shemoneh EsrehCantor Roger Nichols 4/25/200859:1054.1 MB
Feasts of the FutureDr. Roger Weste 4/25/200846:3242.5 MB
On Earth as it is in HeavenJohn Marquez 4/25/200860:4455.5 MB
Wedding in the FeastsKathy Nichols, Laurie Brechbill 4/25/200852:1947.8 MB
A Gentile View of the Messianic MovementKatie Hobson 4/25/200851:1646.8 MB
The Believer's Royal PrivilegesDenny Brechbill 4/25/200876:1869.7 MB
Luncheon MessageDr. Maurice Sklar 4/25/200862:2457.0 MB
Concert MessageDr. Maurice Sklar 4/25/200842:2737.5 MB
Our Passover LambJim Hobson 4/26/200833:3430.7 MB
Am Yisrael ChaiRav Nate Seitelbach5/2/200840:3937.1 MB
AccountabilityRav Nate Seitelbach5/11/200830:5828.3 MB
Three Points in Regard to the ScripturesDenny Brechbill 5/17/200848:2844.3 MB
Resurrection RelationshipsJohn Marquez 5/24/200847:1743.2 MB
Shavuot TraditionsRav Nate Seitelbach6/7/200816:0314.7 MB
The Seven Books of the TorahRav Nate Seitelbach6/14/200841:4438.1 MB
Shelach L'cha (Send Forth) Rav Nate Seitelbach6/21/200818:1816.7 MB
Make 'Em Jealous Rav Nate Seitelbach6/28/200846:1742.3 MB
On Your Hearts Rav Nate Seitelbach7/12/200823:3121.5 MB
Pinchas Schmincas: What's Sh'matteh You? Rabbi Steven Berkowitz 7/19/200850:0945.8 MB
Hebrews Cross Rivers Rav Nate Seitelbach7/26/200839:3136.1 MB
Look Back at Bamidbar Rav Nate Seitelbach8/2/200822:1724.9 MB
The Lord My Keeper Denny Brechbill 9/16/200827:3025.1 MB
The Olympics vs. The Cross John Marquez 8/23/200839:4036.2 MB
Indestructible Rav Nate Seitelbach9/6/200830:0027.4 MB
About Aging Rav Nate Seitelbach9/13/200830:1227.6 MB
Every Knee Shall Bow Rav Nate Seitelbach9/20/200822:1120.3 MB
Up, Up & Away or a Gathering? Rav Nate Seitelbach10/4/200836:5833.8 MB
The Birth of Yeshua Rav Nate Seitelbach10/14/200834:4631.8 MB
HaMoadim Rav Nate Seitelbach10/18/200840:4337.2 MB
Parsha Noach Rabbi Roy Schwarcz 11/1/200838:1835.0 MB
How To Know G-d (Psalm 119:1-8) Rav Nate Seitelbach11/8/200839:3036.1 MB
Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger Rav Nate Seitelbach11/15/200827:1524.9 MB
Cha'zon (Revelation) Michael Ginn 11/22/200860:5355.6 MB
Hospitality and Thanks Rav Nate Seitelbach11/29/200824:5922.8 MB
Yeshua, Son of David Rav Nate Seitelbach12/6/200836:1833.2 MB
ChanukahRav Nate Seitelbach12/20/200819:5218.2 MB
How To Face Adversity Denny Brechbill 12/27/200833:4230.8 MB
Follow Me John Marquez 1/10/200936:1835.0 MB
The Word Cleanses Us (Psalm 119:9-16) Rav Nate Seitelbach1/17/200926:3824.3 MB
Things We Need To Say, Part 1: Who's The Boss Rav Nate Seitelbach1/24/2009 39.3 MB
A Tree Planted By Water Part 1Rav Nate Seitelbach2/7/200927:4125.3 MB
A Tree Planted By Water Part 2Rav Nate Seitelbach2/14/200941:0537.5 MB
Lashon Hara Rav Nate Seitelbach3/14/200940:2336.9 MB
Who We Are Rav Nate Seitelbach3/21/200927:4425.3 MB
Missionary Update - Jews for Jesus Avi Snyder 3/28/200947:1343.1 MB
Inspect the Lamb Rav Nate Seitelbach4/4/200939:2035.9 MB
Psalm 130:1-8 Denny Brechbill 4/11/200930:5928.3 MB
Jacob's Ladder John Marquez 4/25/200939:0735.7 MB
The Marks of a G-dly Woman Denny Brechbill 5/9/200933:2630.5 MB
Living With the End in View Denny Brechbill 5/23/200937:4734.5 MB
RuthRav Nate Seitelbach5/30/200919:1317.6 MB
Who, What, Where Are We? Rav Nate Seitelbach6/6/200933:4930.9 MB
Who's in the Line? Rav Nate Seitelbach6/13/200938:0234.7 MB
Biblical Leadership Rav Nate Seitelbach6/20/200929:3827.1 MB
Speaking to Rocks Rav Nate Seitelbach7/4/200930:0927.5 MB
The Process of Salvation Rav Nate Seitelbach7/18/200922:3320.6 MB
7 Stages of Spiritual Growing Rav Nate Seitelbach7/11/200934:4031.7 MB
A Graceful Torah! Rav Nate Seitelbach3/1/201436:1933.3 MB
Is That All There Is? John Marquez 8/1/200951:2747.0 MB
Why Devarim! Why Torah! Rav Nate Seitelbach8/8/200933:3430.7 MB
A Time For Teshuvah Rav Nate Seitelbach8/19/200917:4616.2 MB
To Eat Or Not To Eat (Acts 10) Rav Nate Seitelbach8/22/200935:5732.9 MB
Overview of the Fall Feasts Rav Nate Seitelbach9/12/200934:1231.2 MB
Kohelet (Eccleasiastes) Michael Ginn 10/10/200943:4339.9 MB
Day by Day Rav Nate Seitelbach10/17/200937:1834.1 MB
What is Your Land? Rav Nate Seitelbach10/24/200931:4929.1 MB
A Bride for a Son Rav Nate Seitelbach11/14/200935:0832.1 MB
A Testimony Rav Nate Seitelbach11/21/200920:1218.5 MB
G-d Can Be Trusted Denny Brechbill 11/28/200942:0038.4 MB
Chanukkah Rav Nate Seitelbach12/12/200919:5618.2 MB
Take Yeshua & Torah to the World Rav Nate Seitelbach12/19/200918:5217.2 MB
Seize The Moment Denny Brechbill 1/1/201036:5733.8 MB
The Purpose of the Cross John Marquez 1/9/201043:5740.1 MB
Praise From The Nosebleeds Rav Nate Seitelbach1/16/201022:2220.4 MB
The Trees of the Field Rav Nate Seitelbach1/30/201037:1134.0 MB
Chosen!!!Rav Nate Seitelbach2/6/201030:3327.9 MB
Take The Land Rav Nate Seitelbach2/13/201038:3935.3 MB
For Such a Time As This! Rav Nate Seitelbach2/20/201021:5820.1 MB
Wherefore Art Thou, Oh Moshe? Rav Nate Seitelbach3/6/201031:4629.0 MB
Tithes and Offerings Rav Nate Seitelbach3/13/201035:1232.2 MB
Crisis Of Faith Denny Brechbill 4/3/201030:1427.6 MB
Born AgainRav Nate Seitelbach4/17/201018:2816.9 MB
Pillars of Messianic Faith Rav Nate Seitelbach5/1/201042:4839.1 MB
The Least of My Brothers Rav Nate Seitelbach5/8/201042:1538.6 MB
Forty Nine Days Rav Nate Seitelbach5/22/201022:4720.8 MB
Building a Covenant Community Denny Brechbill 5/29/201033:5030.9 MB
One For All & All For One John Marquez 6/5/201055:1350.4 MB
Actively Pursuing the Kingdom of G-d Cantor Roger Nichols 6/12/2010 35.4 MB
Family Testimony Rav Nate Seitelbach6/19/201032:1329.4 MB
Divine Donkey Detour Rav Nate Seitelbach7/3/201028:2726.0 MB
Nu! It's New! Or Not! Rav Nate Seitelbach7/10/201039:5136.4 MB
Where He Delights Rav Nate Seitelbach7/17/201021:1219.4 MB
Splish, Splash! Take a Bath! Rav Nate Seitelbach8/7/201028:0325.6 MB
The Menu AND the Feast John Marquez 8/14/201044:2840.6 MB
Repenting Rav Nate Seitelbach8/21/201030:2027.7 MB
Overview of the Fall Feasts Rav Nate Seitelbach9/4/201037:5534.6 MB
Psalm 15 Denny Brechbill 9/9/201041:1937.7 MB
Ambassadors of Another Kingdom Rav Nate Seitelbach9/11/201020:2818.7 MB
Atonement, Messianic Style Rav Nate Seitelbach9/18/201030:3427.9 MB
History Lesson Rav Nate Seitelbach10/2/201032:1829.5 MB
Chosen People Ministries Boris Goldin 10/9/201046:0242.1 MB
Who Is Our G-d? Rav Nate Seitelbach10/16/201024:2022.2 MB
Christian Friends of Israel Karen Lewis 10/23/201030:2227.7 MB
Jews For Jesus Avi Snyder10/30/201035:5432.8 MB
Truth for the Believing Remnant Denny Brechbill 11/6/201034:5831.9 MB
Dying to Live John Marquez 11/13/201040:1836.8 MB
Hellenistic Hanukkah Rav Nate Seitelbach11/20/201026:2024.1 MB
8 Candles, 8 Themes Rav Nate Seitelbach12/4/201023:5421.8 MB
Embodying Yeshua Discussion Rav Nate Seitelbach12/11/201044:2440.6 MB
How to Handle the Holiday Rav Nate Seitelbach12/18/201028:2325.9 MB
Who's Beside You? Denny Brechbill 1/1/201140:3737.1 MB
Go Forward! Rav Nate Seitelbach1/15/201125:2323.2 MB
TreesRav Nate Seitelbach1/22/201132:5430.1 MB
Pass the Salt Rav Nate Seitelbach2/5/201130:5228.2 MB
The Lazurus Principle John Marquez 2/12/201133:2630.5 MB
Christian Friends of Yad Vashem Dr. Susanna Kokonen 2/19/201134:4831.8 MB
What Do We Have To Do? Rav Nate Seitelbach3/5/201142:0638.5 MB
Jews For Jesus Peter & Yarden Nasser 4/2/201138:4835.4 MB
Leavenate Rav Nate Seitelbach4/9/201137:1234.1 MB
Kil'ayim (Forbidden Mixtures) Rav Nate Seitelbach5/7/201132:0429.4 MB
Justice & Compassion of G-d Denny Brechbill 5/14/201135:0932.1 MB
Current Events Rav Nate Seitelbach5/21/201123:1621.3 MB
G-d's Vision For You Rav Nate Seitelbach6/4/201137:5034.6 MB
Giving of the Torah Rav Nate Seitelbach6/11/201124:2122.2 MB
Why Are We Here? John Marquez 6/18/201132:5330.0 MB
Rebirth & Resurrection Rav Nate Seitelbach7/2/201131:4929.1 MB
Praising G-d In All Of Life Denny Brechbill 7/9/201131:2828.7 MB
Conform To Him Rav Nate Seitelbach7/16/201115:5014.5 MB
Do You Cross Rivers? Rav Nate Seitelbach7/23/201128:0925.7 MB
Become a New Creation Rav Nate Seitelbach8/6/201128:1325.8 MB
The Gospel of Justification John Marquez 8/13/201142:4439.0 MB
Ape It 'Til You Make It Rav Nate Seitelbach8/20/201135:5132.8 MB
Worthy Of My Praise Denny Brechbill 9/3/201140:1836.8 MB
Blessings or CursesRav Nate Seitelbach9/17/201119:2317.7 MB
Yom Teruah Message Denny Brechbill 9/29/201135:1232.2 MB
Yom Kippur Message John Marquez 10/8/201133:4930.9 MB
A New Mishkan Rav Nate Seitelbach10/15/201126:3924.3 MB
Trees of Life and Death Rav Nate Seitelbach10/22/201124:3722.5 MB
Commitment Rav Nate Seitelbach11/5/201137:1734.1 MB
How Did We Get Here? Denny Brechbill 11/12/201122:3020.6 MB
What Makes A Bride Rav Nate Seitelbach12/19/201123:4721.7 MB
Who Are Your Catfish? Rav Nate Seitelbach12/3/201132:0429.3 MB
How Clear is Our Thinking? Denny Brechbill 12/10/201138:0234.7 MB
Dreidel Secrets Rav Nate Seitelbach12/17/201111:3010.5 MB
Bar Mitzvah - Paul Shack JrPaul Shack 1/9/2011 36.6 MB
Shabbat Shalom John Marquez 1/7/201230:4528.1 MB
In That Day Denny Brechbill 1/14/201241:1137.6 MB
Bad Things Happen to Good People Rav Nate Seitelbach1/21/201221:2219.5 MB
Who Are We? Rav Nate Seitelbach2/11/201226:2024.1 MB
Purification Rav Nate Seitelbach2/18/201223:0121.0 MB
For Such A Time As This Rav Nate Seitelbach3/3/201229:5127.3 MB
Lots of Curses Rav Nate Seitelbach3/10/201233:4030.8 MB
Passover Discussion Rav Nate Seitelbach3/17/201228:2526.0 MB
Acts Michael Ginn 3/24/201229:2626.9 MB
Wedding Renewal Rav Nate Seitelbach3/24/201226:2024.1 MB
Experiencing the Unfailing Strength of G-d Denny Brechbill 4/7/201238:2435.1 MB
Yom HaShoah Observance Peter Loth 4/14/201262:3157.2 MB
Godly Marriage Rav Nate Seitelbach4/21/201220:5319.1 MB
Remember Who You Are Rav Nate Seitelbach5/5/201224:5122.7 MB
Seven Supernatural Sons Rav Nate Seitelbach5/12/201233:2130.5 MB
Identity Crisis John Marquez 5/19/201231:0129.2 MB
Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem Rav Nate Seitelbach6/9/201237:4234.5 MB
Sticks and Stones Rav Nate Seitelbach6/16/201223:4621.7 MB
Parable of the Tree Stump Rav Nate Seitelbach6/23/201233:0130.2 MB
Be A Blessing Rav Nate Seitelbach7/7/201224:3222.4 MB
The Courageous Father Denny Brechbill 7/14/201228:1425.8 MB
Tisha B'AvRav Nate Seitelbach7/21/201223:2121.3 MB
Substitute Atonement of the Torah Rav Nate Seitelbach8/4/201232:1629.5 MB
Yeshua is The Word John Marquez 8/11/201229:3527.0 MB
Coming Home to Zion Denny Brechbill 9/8/201220:5319.1 MB
Jachin and Boaz Rav Nate Seitelbach9/22/201224:3622.5 MB
Yom KippurRav Nate Seitelbach9/26/201216:4315.3 MB
Renewed People Need A New Mishkan Rav Nate Seitelbach10/6/201227:4725.4 MB
A Time To Tremble John Marquez 10/13/201229:4727.2 MB
Key Element - the Heart Denny Brechbill 11/10/201224:0322.0 MB
Give Thanks Rav Nate Seitelbach11/17/201219:3817.9 MB
Nesim V'niflaot Rav Nate Seitelbach12/1/201246:1342.2 MB
We Are The Light John Marquez 12/8/201218:1516.7 MB
We Are Hellenists Rav Nate Seitelbach12/15/201226:2924.2 MB
Identity Theft Rav Nate Seitelbach12/22/201222:2120.4 MB
Let's Have A WordRav Nate Seitelbach3/22/201420:5619.2 MB
Key Element - the Heart Denny Brechbill 1/5/2013?42:0877.2 MB
Follow Me Ministries Update John Marquez 1/12/2013?48:4089.1 MB
Standing For Him Rav Nate Seitelbach1/19/201318:1933.5 MB
Waiting In Hope Denny Brechbill 2/9/2013?42:2577.7 MB
Wedding Garments Rav Nate Seitelbach2/16/201318:3033.9 MB
A Look at Purim Rav Nate Seitelbach2/23/201312:4123.2 MB
Politicaly Incorrect Rav Nate Seitelbach3/9/201336:0466.0 MB
We Must Seek G-d! Rav Nate Seitelbach3/16/201316:4230.6 MB
Holy Convocations Rav Nate Seitelbach3/23/201331:3657.9 MB
His Servanthood Is Always In Action Denny Brechbill 3/30/2013?29:3154.1 MB
Yom Hashoah Observance John Marquez 4/6/201348:4489.2 MB
Deity of Yeshua, Part-I Rav Nate Seitelbach4/20/201319:5736.5 MB
Deity of Yeshua, Part-II Rav Nate Seitelbach5/4/201336:3567.0 MB
Can This Be Happening! Denny Brechbill 5/11/2013?44:5682.3 MB
Which Day & Does it Matter Rav Nate Seitelbach5/18/201318:4634.4 MB
Who's Who & What Are You Rav Nate Seitelbach5/25/201331:0556.9 MB
Make Disciples Rav Nate Seitelbach6/1/201338:5671.3 MB
Believe, Receive, Become John Marquez 6/8/2013?40:0673.4 MB
Do Not Quench the Holy Spirit Rav Nate Seitelbach6/22/201330:1355.3 MB
Three Weeks of Mourning Rav Nate Seitelbach26:3348.6 MB
The Welcome Mat is Out Denny Brechbill 40:0673.4 MB
If, Ands, Buts Rav Nate Seitelbach6/15/201323:1442.5 MB
Let's Have A WordRav Nate Seitelbach3/22/201420:5619.2 MB
When Did He Die - With 4 page pdf handoutRav Nate Seitelbach4/5/201428:3127.7 MB
Chametz FreeRav Nate Seitelbach33:0830.3 MB
Pesach Passover Denny Brechbill 26:4124.4 MB
Yom HashoahRav Nate Seitelbach4/26/201436:1233.1 MB
Don't Give Up Paul Rav Nate Seitelbach3/3/201429:2627.0 MB
Foundations John Marquez 5/10/201446:5242.9 MB
Rabbi Tzahi ShapiraRabbi Tzahi Shapira5/17/2014
Rabbi Tzahi Shapira - Afternoon Sesson ARabbi Tzahi Shapira5/17/2014
Rabbi Tzahi Shapira - Afternoon Sesson BRabbi Tzahi Shapira5/17/2014
Rabbi Tzahi Shapira - Afternoon Session CRabbi Tzahi Shapira5/17/2014
Unknown TitleCantor Roger Nichols5/24/2014
Unknown TitleRav Nate Seitelbach5/31/2014
Unknown TitleRav Nate Seitelbach6/7/2014
Unknown TitleRav Nate Seitelbach6/14/2014
Unknown TitleRav Nate Seitelbach6/21/2014
Unknown TitleCantor Roger Nichols6/28/2014
Unknown TitleDenny Brechbill7/5/2014
Unknown TitleDenny Brechbill7/12/2014
Unknown TitleDenny Brechbill7/19/2014
Unknown TitleCantor Roger Nichols7/26/2014
PerceptionRav Nate Seitelbach8/2/2014
IdentityRav Nate Seitelbach8/9/2014
It's Your TurnRav Nate Seitelbach8/16/2014
Expectation (Acts 1)Rav Nate Seitelbach8/23/2014
Unknown TitleCantor Roger Nichols8/30/2014
A Lifestyle of Promise: Josh 1:1-9Rav Nate Seitelbach9/6/2014
Zemer Levav ConcertZemer Levav9/13/2014
Yom Teruah ServiceRav Nate Seitelbach9/25/2014
Unknown TitleCantor Roger Nichols9/27/2014
Yom Kippur Service: He Bears Our IniquityRav Nate Seitelbach10/4/2014
Sukkot ServiceRav Nate Seitelbach10/9/2014
Simchat Torah ServiceRav Nate Seitelbach10/16/2014
Shake Up & Wake Up, Acts 2:1-21Rav Nate Seitelbach10/18/2014
Ready for Action, Joshua 1:10-18Rav Nate Seitelbach10/25/2014
Unknown TitleCantor Roger Nichols11/1/2014
Heidi Goodrich Bat MitzvahHeidi Goodrich11/8/2014
Barry & Batya Segal ConcertBarry & Batya Segal11/15/2014
Unknown TitleCantor Roger Nichols11/22/2014
Gratitude is an AttitudeRav Nate Seitelbach11/29/2014
Light WarsRav Nate Seitelbach12/6/2014
Greekin' Thinkin'Rav Nate Seitelbach12/13/2014
Handling the HolidayRav Nate Seitelbach12/20/2014
How To Be Born AgainRav Nate Seitelbach12/27/2014
Unknown TitleCantor Roger Nichols1/3/2015
Unknown TitleCantor Roger Nichols1/10/2015
Are You A Leper?Rav Nate Seitelbach1/17/2015
70Rav Nate Seitelbach1/24/2015
Unknown TitleCantor Roger Nichols1/31/2015
All the DirtRav Nate Seitelbach2/7/2015
Jewish Sermon: Acts 2Rav Nate Seitelbach2/14/2015
Your Heave OfferingRav Nate Seitelbach2/21/2015
Unknown TitleCantor Roger Nichols2/28/2015
Purim Play*3/7/2015
The Blood of the LambRav Nate Seitelbach3/14/2015
Goals of PesachRav Nate Seitelbach3/21/2015
Unknown TitleCantor Roger Nichols3/28/2015
Pesach - A Gift from G-dRav Nate Seitelbach4/4/2015
Why Count the OmerRav Nate Seitelbach4/11/2015
Yom HaShoah ObservanceRav Nate Seitelbach4/18/2015
Unknown TitleCantor Roger Nichols4/25/2015
Who Can Be Used?Rav Nate Seitelbach5/2/2015
How to be CredibleRav Nate Seitelbach5/9/2015
ShavuotRav Nate Seitelbach5/16/2015
Shavuot Service: RuthRav Nate Seitelbach5/23/2015
Unknown TitleCantor Roger Nichols5/30/2015
Crossing OverRav Nate Seitelbach6/6/2015
Being BoldRav Nate Seitelbach6/13/2015
Psalm 91Rav Nate Seitelbach6/20/2015
Alpha OmegaCantor Roger Nichols6/27/2015
Unknown TitleCantor Roger Nichols7/4/2015
Sermon SermonRav Nate Seitelbach7/11/2015
Why Are We Mourning?Rav Nate Seitelbach7/18/2015
Unknown TitleCantor Roger Nichols7/25/2015
Holy PriestsRav Nate Seitelbach8/1/2015
Samuel Henderson Bar MitzvahSamuel Henderson8/8/2015
Patrick McDonald Memorial Service*8/13/2015
MikvehRav Nate Seitelbach8/15/2015
House CleaningRav Nate Seitelbach8/22/2015
Unknown TitleCantor Roger Nichols8/29/2015
ShemitahRav Nate Seitelbach9/5/2015
(First minute of service), (Rest of service)
Rav Nate Seitelbach9/12/2015
Yom Teruah ServiceRav Nate Seitelbach9/14/2015
Shabbat Shuvah & JubileesRav Nate Seitelbach9/19/2015
Yom Kippur ServiceRav Nate Seitelbach9/23/2015
Unknown TitleCantor Roger Nichols9/26/2015
Sukkot ServiceRav Nate Seitelbach9/28/2015
Seasons of Our LifeRav Nate Seitelbach10/3/2015
Four RiversRav Nate Seitelbach10/10/2015
MemoriesRav Nate Seitelbach10/17/2015
Growing the BodyRav Nate Seitelbach10/24/2015
Unknown Title Part 1 (no sound), Part 2 (has sound) Cantor Roger Nichols 10/31/2015